ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 03/11/2022 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. General
1. Put back MobileWebAPIUrl.

B. eLeave
1. Leave Employee – Disable Details Function. [EModule-1534][Issue ID:567]
2. Leave Route Calendar Slow Response. [EModule-1545]
3. Insufficient leave balance issue. [EModule-1547][MobileESS-1548]

C. CallService (version
1. Email reminder send to backup approver. [EModule-1536]
2. Email Approved leave sent to not related HOD email. [EModule-1544]
3. Error Message from CallService log file “EStaff.log”: [EModule-1546]

D. eClaims
1. Approver approve claims(Welfare) failed. [EModule-1542]
2. Approver cannot see claims(Welfare) notification in Dashboard, and also go to approver page, cannot see pending claims.

E. Admin
1. Amend “Reset Device Token”, reset “DeviceID” instead of “DeviceToken”.

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