ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 15/12/2022 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. General
1. Amend “EmployeeMaster”. Alter column “PermitNo” from “nvachar(20)” to “nvachar(25)”.

B. eLeave
1. E-leave Click Plan Leave Modify Error. [EModule-1575][Issue ID:598]
2. Insufficient Leave balance Problem, caused by capture wrong leave code because of the code related, reported by NewSystem.[EModule-1579][Issue ID:601]

C. eOT
1. UnMatch OT Plan Issue. [EModule-1570][Issue ID:592]
2. Approve OT – Cancel. [EModule-1574]

D. eAttendance
1. Failed to submit clock data entry. ESS prompt Error: String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated. [EModule-1585][Issue ID:604]
2. Add “Select All” and “Unselect All” button in Clock Approve Page. [EModule-1586]

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