ESS Release Notes

iFlexi HRMS product for version 08/10/2020


1)      iFlexiHRMS-1013 Clock interval check not working on REST, OFF, HOLIDAY

2)      iFlexiHRMS-1011 OT on breaktime issue

3)      iFlexiHRMS-1004 OT Exceed on OT Approval


1)      iFlexiHRMS-964 Add Close Period Setting on Each Cycle

2)      iFlexiHRMS-1021 Add Force Close Form into Close Period.


1)      iFlexiHRMS-759 AutoHR.exe – Add missing Audit Trail for certain process @ function

2)      iFlexiHRMS-833 AutoHR.Pay.dll – Add missing Audit Trail

3)      iFlexiHRMS-834 AutoHR.Benefit.dll – Add missing Audit Trail

4)      iFlexiHRMS-835 AutoHR.Training.dll – Add missing Audit Trail

5)      iFlexiHRMS-998 Unmatched Column Lengths between Column of Insurance for EmployeeMaster and LeaveModule 

6)      iFlexiHRMS-538 hide all non-hourly leave code in ‘Leave Hourly Code’ fields list

7)      iFlexiHRMS-1006 Import EmployeeMaster – Unable to import data in last column

8)      iFlexiHRMS-1003 Document View – Enhance to open all files

9)      iFlexiHRMS-1022 OT Transaction QDE wrong insert to Leave Day for Hour Unpaid Leave.

10)   iFlexiHRMS-958 UBSExport – Fixed the UBS Sync for Date ’30/12/1899′ 

11)   iFlexiHRMS-1000 Correct Calculation of YOS. 

12)   iFlexiHRMS-937 Bonus Quick Entry Basic Pay Issue


1)      iFlexiHRMS-791 Paysilp – basic witch zero amount at cycle 1~4 payment in Earnings/Income detail at payslip format A

2)      iFlexiHRMS-792 Paysilp Format X – this payslip won’t filter leave days with zero amount

3)      iFlexiHRMS-1008 View some report cause null error on report browser

4)      iFlexiHRMS-1001 Payroll Transaction Summary – Multi Grouping Issue 

5)      iFlexiHRMS-1015 “Total label” does not display group column



1)      iFlexiHRMS-977 HSBCNet HUB MRI SOCSO Format

2)      iFlexiHRMS-988 HSBCNet HUB MRI (Salary) – bank export (payment Set Code) don’t have function

**That is Audit Trail’s enhancement as below:

a) Loan Detail – Insert, Update

b) Payroll Transaction – Insert, Update, Delete

c) Benefit Adjustment – Insert, Update, Delete

d) Benefit Detail  – Insert, Update, Delete

e) Benefit Detail Master – Insert, Update, Delete

f) Welfare Transaction – Insert, Update, Delete

g) Benefit Transaction Detail – Insert, Update, Delete

h) Benefit Master – Insert, Update, Delete

i) Trainer Master Edit- Insert, Update

j) Training Bond – Insert, Update, Delete

k) Training Class – Insert, Update, Delete

l) Training Course Edit – Insert, Update

m) Training Form Edit – Insert, Update

n) Training Form QDE – Insert, Update

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