iFlexiHRMS version Release Note

Government Statutory

  • Tax Update ( SSPN, EPF&INSURANCE )
  • SOCSO Update.
  • PTPTN Enhancement.
  • KWSP Update and Fixed issue which EPF Calculation is not able to handle case with EPFEmployee Amount <=0

Auto Banking

  • Enhance Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi – Amend Header
  • Fixed Public Bank Salary Format (PB ECP V04)
  • Added Maybank2E-RC EIS Format



  • Payroll Formula Enhancement – GetTableValue ( To Capture Table Scalar Function from SQL )
  • Locked Allowance Record Which Source is E in Payroll Transaction.



  • Fixed for Payroll History Listing Report
  • Fixed OTMAXRATEHOUR OT Tag Control



  • Fixed Basic Code Issue ( Unable to delete New Created Code).
  • Change Field Color to be notable column as in EmployeeMaster, as it is an compulsory field.
  • Enhance Leave Encashment – Auto Calculate Column ‘Cal Amount’ according to Compute Method.
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