iFlexi HRMS Auto Upgrade 17/07/2018


  1. Fixed Attendance Process Performance Issue.
  2. Fixed attendance Absent Function by scenario Absent with OT Before Schedule
  3. Enhance Upload and Sort Clock Data function
  4. Fixed Late in issue when multiple clock in and first clock is before schedule in
  5. Fixed Holiday Forfeit function for those are on holiday table assign
  6. Fixed Daily Allowance Wrong Calculation Issue.


Employee Master

  1. Rectified field name for CostCentre and Supervisor in Movement Service History


Auto Banking

  1. New Format Update for Public Bank
  2. Contoh header line yang betul dan senarai fds akaun – ASB format


  1. Dynamic Report Calculation Issue.
  2. Attendance Matrix Report – Can’t display the record when an employee is resign in current month.
  3. Fixed EntFinalBalance4 DataType for Payslip.
  4. Fixed OT Hour issue in Individual Monthly Attendance Report.



  1. Company Setup – Fixed Payroll File Dialog
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