iFlexi HRMS Auto Upgrade 05/02/2018


  • Enhance EC generate engine.
  • Fixed Active SOCSO auto tax relief is working on no SOCSO contribution employee.
  • Fixed Incorrect Deduction base contribute to EIS.
  • Fixed wrong BIK amount in multi cycle Employee Benefit.



  • Update Borang E, 8D , EA , EC to pin 2017.
  • New (experimental) Employee benefit report, Employee TP1 report and TP1 Detail.
  • Fixed EIS NULL data set in Payroll Transaction, Payroll Transaction2, Payroll Transaction Summary.
  • Fixed zero EIS payment showing in Payroll EIS Listing.
  • Fixed CP21,CP22,CP22A  identification employee IC no/passport field and enhance display date according to generate/preview date.
  • Fixed zero value in Payroll Analysis Report customize detail.



  • New SIP Lampiran Caruman in Excel Format.
  • New Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Export format.



  • Add CP22ADate Column in CP22A Table.
  • Fixed Offline update security code according to license registration name.
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