iFlexi HRMS Auto Upgrade 13/03/2018


  1. Fix Rectify Logic for Resign Before ? day in transaction code.
  2. Enhance GetCutOffDateForEmployee() function to prevent error when 0 for cutoff in ComputeMethod.



  1. Fix Holiday Replacement exceeding not working on “Holiday Absent” .
  2. Fix Holiday Exception appear on empty holiday table assignee.
  3. Fix Separate clocking in one Paid Break Time Schedule Time Off Issue.
  4. Fix Holiday Forfeit not working against empty holiday table assignee.
  5. Fix Daily Allowance data management method changed, system will load data to client-side. A slight increase in memory usage.
  6. Enhance OT Approval Form support filter by date.



  1. Fix Issue in Inquiry and Preview CP8D Report if multiple companies are having same tax number.
  2. Fix zero value for CustomValue 17 and 27 for Payroll Ananlysis.
  3. Fix error for Hold and Stop Payment Report.
  4. Enhance Date Checking for day and month lower than 10 in CP22A Report.
  5. Enhance Dynamic Report Update Every Launch.
  6. Update Dynamic Report Script.



  1. Fix Error in new LeaveByMonth calculation if method is set to Financial Year.  
  2. Fix During close leave the adjust BFWD days according to the preset rule of Max BFWD day
  3. Enhance Leave Form support filter by date.



  1. Fix Click “Set to Default” button on Badge Printing will update the wrong info.
  2. Fix Badge Printing can’t change badge card format
  3. New Export ASB Format.
  4. New Export CitiBank Format.
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