iFlexi HRMS Auto Upgrade 23/01/2018


  • Enhance Add EIS Report (i) SIP 2 (ii) SIP2A
  • Enhance Non Standard CutOff Prorate Calculation
  • Fixed wording in Payroll Explanation for EIS. 
  • Fixed issue for “EIS paid by Employer”.


  • Fixed Force Constraint issue on Holiday Table
  • Fixed Unpaid Break Time miscalculated, Happened on REST/ OFF/ HOLIDAY.


  • Enhance Leave Entitlement (Manual) -> Generate Leave -> block other leave table display, but except AL and MC
  • Fixed Rectify Entitlement value in Brought Forward Leave Record.
  • Fixed Leave by Month Calculation Issue.


  • Enhance Main Program – Enhance Internet Status checking to avoid issue caused by DDOS Protection.
  • Enhance Change Web Service License Checking Port from 8080 to 80. 
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