iFlexi HRMS product for version (32bit) and (64bit) 22/01/2020


iFlexiHRMS-850                 Wrong OT calculation on approved OT with multiple clocking (Issue ID: 19)         

iFlexiHRMS-856                 Early out calculation wrong (Issue ID: 9,25)

iFlexiHRMS-858                 Wrong OT calculation due to rounding issue (Issue ID: 12)

iFlexiHRMS-848                 System allow clock data uploaded without badge number or employee number

iFlexiHRMS-849                 Holiday exclusion checking mistaken similar shift group naming

iFlexiHRMS-830                 Absent appear on empty schedule

iFlexiHRMS-816                 Hourly OT code contains total OT hour of daily OT code

iFlexiHRMS-822                 Attendance Process Crash When Employee Headcount Exceed More Than Thousand

iFlexiHRMS-805                 Start time / End time rounding issue



iFlexiHRMS-867                 Close Period Issues (Last pay period & cycle) (Issue ID: 14)

iFlexiHRMS-868                 Employee master services history sequence issues (Issue ID: 17)

iFlexiHRMS-806                 Rounding Method for Negative Value on Payroll


Employee Master 

iFlexiHRMS-774                Employee service history – unable delete job title 

iFlexiHRMS-776                Employee Master – Update QualificationMajor issue (Issue ID: 16)

iFlexiHRMS-692                 Add Error Provider to EIS,EPF, SOCSO table employeemaster 





iFlexiHRMS-766                 Block key in decimal other than 0.5 when key in leave form.

iFlexiHRMS-797                 Leave form blocking – in code related, checking leave exceed will counting current leave taken with parent leave taken together



iFlexiHRMS-827                 Overtime Detail Report Inquiry Null Exception 

iFlexiHRMS-870                 System defined allowance and deduction code are unavailable for selection (Issue ID: 22)



iFlexiHRMS-837                 Extra one usage for Pay or Time user License 

iFlexiHRMS-845                 Payroll Transaction error (index out of range) when closed after user limit reached 

iFlexiHRMS-865                 Enhance iFlexiHRMS Installer. (New Installation)  – (64 Bits Only) 



iFlexiHRMS-861                 OCBC InterBank Giro – SOCSO 

iFlexiHRMS-880                 Maybank 2ERC Format for ASB 

iFlexiHRMS-881                 RHB Reflex – Payroll (Salary, EPF, SOCSO) 

iFlexiHRMS-883                 UOB Bulk Payment V2.0 – Amend Salary Format 



iFlexiHRMS-872                 Income Tax E Form / Borang E (Bahagian A (A1) DATE ISSUE) (Issue ID: 23)

iFlexiHRMS-840                 Add trainer master’s column to training reports 

iFlexiHRMS-842                 Disciplinary and Training records on Mail Merge 

iFlexiHRMS-855                 Leave code day 2 unpaid does not count in Attendance Summary report (Issue ID: 6)

iFlexiHRMS-862                 Payslip Format A -Details- 3Col pre-printed issues (Issue ID: 10)

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