iFlexi HRMS product for version 11/03/2020


1 )Fixed CP8D for 2nd page is not tally with 1st page
2 )Fixed EA Form – wrong info on No. KP Baru (issueReportId-49)
3 )Fixed (Dynamic Report) Employee count function produced wrong result
4 )Fixed grouping function for Payroll Report Analysis By Code(IssueReportId-50)
5 )Fixed Individual monthly attendance report false labeling on clock data source type
6 )Fixed(Dynamic Report) System defined allowance and decution code are unavailable for selection
7 )Fixed(Dynamic Report) ‘Display Summary Only’ option does not display other grouped column value

Leave Module
1)Block key in decimal other than 0.5 when key in leave form.
2)Fixed Error when apply leave for “code related”.
3)Fixed Leave Process Error when Related Date is dated 29 February(IssueReportId-64)
4)Fixed Leave Process Error wrong calculation for Financial Cutoff Method (IssueReportId-65)

1)Public Bank – Bank Codes Listing
2) PB ECP V04 2018 – EIS Format
3)UOB BIBPlus – Salary
4)UOB_BIBPlus – Add New EPF Format

1)Enhance Slow Performance during saving Payroll Transaction and payroll process with 64 bits Program.
2)Fixed of error for Payslip Format X
3)Resign-Rehire remove previous Pay Result Record IssueReportId-63

1)Fixed QDE Auto Clocking failed when individual schedule present IssueReportId-52
2)Fixed Holiday shift code exception not working on OT Approval QDE

1)Allow user to delete training form IssueReportId-52

1) Fixed Some employee from other company does not appear in disciplinary entry
2) Allow user to filter employee by employee number IssueReportId-24

1)Fixed Shift group pasting data issue IssueReportId-48

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