iFLEXi Attendance Device

Enhance your security and management through various advanced attendance devices comprising Biometric Fingerprint, Face Recognition RFID/Mifare Card, QR Code and many more.

There are attendance devices bind with access system. These devices are able to multi-functioning by capturing attendance while controlling door access, common device categories are boom gate system, tripod turnstile, and flap barrier.

iFLEXi Attendance Devices

Face Recognition Devices

Fingerprint Devices

Mykad Devices

Biometric and Card Devices

Tripod Turnstiles

Boom Gate System

Flap Barrier

Other Devices

Face Recognition Devices

Face Recognition Devices are well known and popular used for attendance capturing. Users are not required for “device-touching” while processing attendance, thus, the devices are recognize as “hygiene device”. Face Recognition Devices are not suggested for outdoor setting as the sunlight may affected devices performance.

Fingerprint + RFID Card Devices

Fingerprint and RFID Card Devices are famous for their accuracy and fast performance. These attendance devices are multifunctional with both fingerprint and proximity card. Moreover, it allowed multiple fingerprint register for each user.

Mykad Devices

RFID Card Devices are the most accurate attendance system based on proximity card scanning and detection. Mainly of card devices are used for door access control purpose.

Fingerprint + Card Access Control Devices​

The Biometric access devices are another high level devices compared to others. The high technique capturing attendance by detecting heat and pulse for fingerprint scanning, which makes the device 100% accurate and widely accepted by companies. Moreover, it is able to integrated with software for advanced access setup including time zone setup, authorize user access right and attendance system.

Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod Turnstiles are enhanced and secure door access. These high and steel doors are not easily to be broke, its semi-auto arm rotation prevent for multiple user entered and buddy punching. It is a prefect outdoor or main door solution.

Boom Gate System​

Boom Gate System is familiar and popular in toll, car park and garden guard. A long gate car control barrier is able to link with car park system, which allows user to manage car park usage and identify car owner easily.

Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier is another automation indoor access solution that can link with fingerprint, face recognition and card devices. It is able to integrated with iFLEXiHRMS Time Attendance System.

Other Devices

Attendance Devices from Suprema come with premium tech core with high performance and stabilization. Attendance Devices from Suprema are suggested for handling big or large amount of transaction.

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