A history of how we began, and how we continue to lead the industry.

iFLEXi is a highly advanced computer application software developed by a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated experts based in Malaysia. Throughout our development history, we have been committed to using the latest technology platforms, such as Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Visual Studio, and more, and we have collaborated with other leading hardware device manufacturers to support our research and development efforts. Our promise to our customers is to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions that meet both current and future requirements.

Today, we are proud to have more than 800 satisfied corporate clients who rely on our iFLEXi product series, including iFLEXi HRMS (Human Resource Management System), iFLEXi Visitor Management System, iFLEXi Financial Solution, and more. Our iFLEXi products have been certified by various statutory bodies to handle essential statutory requirements, such as Income Tax, KWSP, SOCSO, EIS, and more.

Our goal is to become the leading brand for human resource management software solutions in Malaysia. We have successfully covered all the major segments of ICT, including network, hardware, software, biometric attendance devices, helpdesk services, and training. Our services include consultation, infrastructure design, HRMS solutions, research and development, and training to meet all industry needs.

Thanks to the collective efforts of our team, we have gained recognition in the market over the years. We are now the representative of some of the leading market leaders, such as FINGERTEC, ENTRYPASS, ELID, MAG, MAGNETIC AUTOCONTROL, ADT TYCO, and MICROSOFT. Our services have expanded to serve over 800 corporate and SME customers across Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

We want to extend our gratitude to our loyal and valued customers and suppliers, as their support has enabled us to establish a prominent presence in the Human Resource Management solutions market in Malaysia. iFLEXi is managed by “Flexi Team System Sdn Bhd (Co. Reg. No. 632861-k)”, a company dedicated to delivering advanced and reliable IT solutions to its customers.

Our Vision & Mission

Since rolling out our first time attendance system in year 2011, Flexi Team System has been leading in offering Human Resources System solutions. Today, we have more than 500 corporate clients that come from a broad range of business sectors such as manufacturing, retailing, oil & gas, properties, education institution, manpower, utilities etc.

Flexi Team System setup its support center at Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Johor to serve its client and dealer support and servicing demands. In addition, Flexi Team System also works through its network of business partner to service clients outside its service areas.


To be well-recognized as a proficient, innovative and efficient leader in providing Human Resource Management Solution.


We are a team with professional and high-experience workforces, committed to providing our customers with user-friendly Human Resource Management Solution that ensures their businesses are always productive, profitable, and competitive.


We know that the technology is changing fast. We are committed to continuous upgrade to increase our ability and knowledge to meet the new millennium requirements. Because we know that providing the EXCELLENT services and the best solution and consultation to our customer is our main priority. We also ensures our growth is depends on the quality and improvement of our product.


As an industry player, Flexi Team System understands the many challenges faced by all HR practitioners today. Therefore, we are here to provide our HRMS solutions in the most innovative ways to our clients’ requirements. At the core and rules of what we do:

  • We Deliver What We Promise
  • We Invest in Human Capital Development
  • We Believe in Continuous Improvement with the Latest Technologies
  • We Care About Our Customers’ Experiences

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