ESS Release Notes

iFlexiHRMS product for version 24/07/2017


1. Leave Detail By Department

– Enhanced        – Add a new option to include leave record over LeaveFrom and LeaveTo date range specified.

2. Posting Setup

– Enhanced – Removed ‘Posting to UBS’ function if users purchase autoPay license.

3. Attendance Process

– Fixed – Late in does not included in second half working.

– Fixed – No mandatory clocking OT issue.

– Enhanced        – OT paid break time calculation method.

– Fixed – OT break time was included on non-OT hour.

– Fixed – Auto shift false trigger.

– Fixed – Clock data interval not working.

– Enhanced        – Attendance process deletes old processed data.

– Fixed – System won’t capture unused break OT.

– Fixed – OT offset not working in compulsory OT

– Fixed – Multiple same OT code – OT hour does not included.

– Fixed – Wrong time off hours on multiple break time.

– Fixed – Wrong normal hours calculation with hourly leave applied.

– Fixed – Worng OT hours at rest day. Break time did not included.

– Fixed – Wrong OT hours at rest day.

– Fixed – Unpaid break time does not included on over-night shift.

– Fixed – Break time on OT before schedule was not included.

– Fixed – Dynamic shift change is not working accordingly on certain pattern.

– Fixed – Wrong paid break time OT hour calculation on before schedule OT.

– Fixed – Wrong time off calculation on certain break time pattern.

4. Upload Clock Data

– Fixed – Clock data failed to import some employees.

5. Daily Attendance

– Enhanced        – Add exception column.

– Enhanced – Scheduled working hours in Daily Attendance table.


1. Computation Method

– Enhanced        – Disable 0 value input in Cut Off field.

– Enhanced – Disable empty or null value input in basic factor.

– Enhanced – Fix different form displayed for different License purchased.

2. Generate EA Form

– Fixed – Total pay in EA Form and CP8D are not tally.

3. Non Standard Cut Off

– Enhanced        – Set default cut off period whenever cut off for new cycle is created. Also prevent user to save form if cut off value is empty string.

4. Socso Auto Relief

– Add New setting to Soscso Relief to provide user option to disable Auto Relief.

 – Enhance Payroll Logic to Add Tax Relief for Socso (PP019) during compute payroll.

 – Enhance Payroll Logic to Add YTD Tax Relief for Socso (PP019) during First time Compute Tax Relief.

– Enhance Reset Logic to delete Tax Relief Transaction for PP019.

– Enhance Purge Payroll Logic to delete Tax Relief Transaction for Socso.

 5. Employee Benefit Transactions

– Add New Data Table to handle employee benefit transaction.

 – Enhance Payroll Logic to Add Employee Benefit Trsnaction for BIK and VOLA during compute payroll.

 – Enhance Payroll Logic to Add YTD Employee Benefit Trsnaction for BIK and VOLA during First time Employee Benefit Transaction.

– Enhance Reset Logic to delete Employee Benefit Transaction for PP019.

– Enhance Purge Payroll Logic to delete Employee Benefit Transaction.

 – Enhance Employee Benefit to handle same benefit in diffirent month in a same Year of Assessment.

 6. LHDN TP1 Report

– Add TP1 Form

 – Add TP1 Listing Report

7. Basic Prorate

– Enhance Logic of Prorate for New Hire/ Resign/ Increment Calculation with mutiple cycle

 8. Non Standard CutOff Prorate

– Fixed and enhance logic for Non-Standard CutOff to handle Non Standard CutOff Prorate

– Display Abnormal when Non-Standard CutOff combined with New Hire/ Resign/ Increment since the system not yet been able to handle.

9. Allowance CutOff Import

 – Add New Import Method 1) By Individual Code 2) By Leave

– Fixed Calculation with Payroll Calculation with Allowance CutOff Import

– Enhance logic for Individual Allowance Code Import’s Calculation.

 10. PaySlip

– Add options to display CutOff (Basic, Leave, OT, Allowance)

– Add options to display Last Increment

– Add options to display Employee Benefit Transaction

– Fixed – Unproper null data handling that cause payslip failed to load.

– Enhanced – Change lowercase label to uppercase label in YTD payslip.

 11. Payroll Formula

– Add formula GetTableValue to capture misc. Value from DailyAttendance And Payroll with Period and Condition.

 12. CP8D

– Fixed – Minor wrong footnote in CP8D report.

– Fixed – Passport number doesn’t show in the form.

– Fixed – Wrong ‘Bilangan Anak’ status

– Fixed – Divorced status won’t show for number 3 (status)

13. Form E

– Fixed – Status Majikan doesn’t show correctly.

– Fixed – Bahagian A section A6, data doesn’t show correctly.

– Fixed – No 13, “Cara Pengemukaan C.P.8D” section doesn’t show correctly.

– Fixed – Change label of ‘CP8 Pindaan 2015’ to ‘CP8 Pindaan 2016’

– Enhanced – Apply employee filtering.

– Enhanced – No company status value shown in the report.

14. Form EA

– Fixed – Employee won’t show in the list if he/she resigned in 2015 and receive commission 2016

15. New Fixed Advance

– Fixed – 0 value in Percent column should be allowed.

– Fixed – 0 value in Amount column should be allowed.

– Enhanced        – Fix display for Cycle, which should display advance cycle only.

   Payroll Summary Report > Transaction Summary > Payroll Summary by Code

– Fixed – Group detail check button does not showed on the screen.

16 Payroll History Summary Report

– Fixed – Fixed layout alignment in the report.

17 Payroll Hold Payment List

– Fixed – Unable to view the report.

18 Employee Report

– Fixed – Wrong YOS displayed in the Employee Service History List Report.

19 Analysis By Code

– Fixed – Wrong company name in the report.

20 Yearly Report

– Fixed – Wrong company name in the report.

21 Bank Cheque List

– Enhanced        – Display bank account number only for employee that have BANK paymode.

22 Compute Payroll

– Fixed – Rectify calculation for ‘Include PaidLeave as Day Work’

23. EPF And SOCSO Table

– Enhanced – Block editing if code has been set in Statutory Master Table.

24. Tax Class

– Add new Tax Class “Encashment” and “Reward”

–Employee Master–

1. Employee Browser

– Enhanced        – User can’t change company if Record Type contains Initial Movement (INITM) in Movement tab.

– Fixed – In Payroll Explanation tab, the data shown won’t change even after navigated to the next employee.

– Enhanced – Limit maximum input to 2 digit only in Probation Period, Notice Period, and Extended Probation Period field.

2. Employee Ceased Report

– Fixed – Wrong resign reason shown in the report.

3. Employee Movement Analysis

– Enhanced – Remove data with empty or null value.

–Welfare Module–

1. Welfare Process

– Fixed – YOS was not calculated.

2. Welfare Transaction Form

– Enhanced        – Add EmpNo and Department column in the view form.

–Leave Module–

1. Leave Form

– Fixed – Users are allow to apply leave even in probation or no confirm date is set (if Entitle Under Probation checkbox is not ticked)

– Fixed – ‘UpdateOn’ date for 2nd leave code will change if 1st leave code was processed.

– Fixed – System won’t allow leave application for unconfirmed employee even “Entitled Under Probation” was ticked in Leave Pattern.

– Enhanced – Code Related leave taken will now changed after applying leave without manually re-process leave.

– Enhanced – Block data saving if a Related Code is applied more than one.

– Fixed – Wrong message displayed if leave applied exceeding leave balance.

2. Leave Process

– Fixed – Brought Forward adjustment won’t take effect if multiple Leave Code is selected.

– Enhanced – Check for null value in Cut Off Method. If found, the Cut Off will be set to ‘C’.

– Fixed – Add ‘Encashment’ in Forfeited Bring Forward formula.

3. Leave Pattern

– Enhanced – Change the default value for YOS Method and Cut Off Method to ‘C’ during first time database setup.

– Enhanced – Block data saving if the same Code Related is been used more than one.

4. Leave Entitlement Listing

– Enhanced – Block data saving if Adjustment Reason is more than 50 character.

5. Leave Report

– Fix                       – Inquiry result is not same with the Report content.

– Enhanced – New report for Leave Past Year Brought Forward.

– Enhanced – Add new functionality; Filter Report by Year

– Enhanced – Add default date for date filtering in date picker.


1. Loan Detail Report

– Fixed – Fixed layout and filter query which originally failed to show the data.


1. Global Import

– Enhanced        – Disable import excel file into EmployeeMaster table.

2. Import Employee Master From Excel

– Enhanced – Change null value to empty string in the database.


1. Attendance Analysis

– Fixed – Fixed unrecognizable text and HTML format exported from Attendance Analysis, also add new CSV export format.

2. Payroll Analysis

– Enhanced – Add new CSV export format.

–Dynamic Report–

1. Attendance Dynamic Report

– Enhanced        – Attendance dynamic report is included.

2. Payroll Dynamic Report

– Fixed – Report appearance issues.

– Enhanced        – Column return null value when certain column is included together.

– Fixed – Column ordinal issue.

– Fixed – Filter option issue.

– Enhanced        – Payroll dynamic report description on access right was changed.

– Enhanced        – Checked List filter popup on inquiry.

– Enhanced        – Hourly code for Overtime and Leave.

– Fixed – Column deletion on system template.

– Fixed – Calculated field does not return value on certain expression.

– Fixed – Date column filter issue.


1. QDE Auto Clocking

– Enhanced – Individual schedule supported.

2. Time Payroll Statistic

– Enhanced – Interval checking disabled due to high memory usage.

3 QDE Quick Employee Entry

– Enhanced        – Remove company option from the list.

4. Allowance Code

– Enhanced – Block data saving if code inserted is the same with Keyword.

5. Advance Code

– Enhanced – Block data saving if code inserted is the same with Keyword.

6. Deduction Code

– Enhanced – Block data saving if code inserted is the same with Keyword.

7. QDE Advance Transaction

– Fixed – User now will be able to save advance transaction in Adhoc Advance even employee doesn’t have Advance Cycle, and block data saving if employee doesn’t have advance cycle in Fixed Advanced.

8. HR Master

– Enhanced        – Disable data saving if Code inserted is the same with Keyword in Allowance Code and Leave Maintenance.

9. Payroll Master

– Enhanced        – Disable data saving if Code inserted is the same with Keyword in Advance Code and Deduction Code.

10. QDE

– Enhanced – Disable Reference number customization.

11. Basic Code

– Enhanced – Removed unused Nationality code.

12. Company

– Enhanced – Block user to save the data if Member No. is less than 3 digit in Company Reference Tax.

13. AutoHR Console

– Fixed – Fixed Leave Process checking using console.

14. About

– Enhanced        – Program/DLL version can be copied to clipboard.

15. Update Definition File

– Enhanced        – Enhanced with ease of access when offline.

16. Audit

– Enhanced – Log to audit when database patching.