ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 20/09/2021 is released

ESS version And CallService version is released!

A. General
1. Amend “ForgetPassword.aspx”, ID and PW email notification will send directly to staff, will not go through CallService.exe engine to send email.

2. Add “Vaccination Status Update” to allow employees submit their vaccination status.

B. CallService [version]
1. Ignore Overdue eMail Delivery [Issue ID: 398]

C. Admin
1. Amend “UserAccessSetup.aspx” -> “btnResendEmail_Click()”.
– Add “CreatedDate” value when create new record in table:EMailNewUserQDErecord

D. eEmployee
1. Add “CreatedDate” value when create new record in table:EmailProfileRecord

E. eLeave
1. Document Rule Review [Issue ID: 403]
   a) Enhance below Rule Variables “remark” and “syntax” in table:RuleVariable:
      i.   ApplyDate
     ii.  ApplyDateTo
     iii. ApplyWorkDay
     iv.  ApplyWorkDayAfter
     v.   TotalLeaveAp
     * Remove field “TotalWBeforeApplyLeave”, not used anymore.
  b) Amend document rules, variable “ApplyWorkDayAfter”. Should deduct today date with “LeaveDateTo” instead of “LeaveDateFrom”.

F. Mobile
1. Add SendEmail API.

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