ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 24/12/2021 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. CallService [version:]
1. Leave Route Level Bypass, approver name is wrong. [Issue ID: 435]

B. eLeave
1. Leave Route Calendar.
– Add option in “General Setting”, default show all leave record in calendar. [Request by JB support]
– Show leave code in calendar. [Request by KL support]
– Can search by name, Route ID, department…etc. [Request by KL support]
2. Redirect page.
– When supervisor assist subordinate submit leave, system will remain at leave application form when submit leave successfully, and all
previous user data will be clear, allow supervisor enter next user data. [Request by JB support]
– When staff submit his/her own leave successfully, system will redirect user to leave modify page. [Request by JB support]
3. eLeave Leave Condition Infor Update. [Issue ID: 444]
– Leave Condition Does not show latest leave status information.
4. BUG: Leave applied in holiday when user insert 2 days. [EModule-1315][Issue ID: 447]
– When user apply 2 days (1 day is holiday), leave code is without non-work day. System will calculate leave days as 1. When user go to
change the days to 2, system is allowed user to submit leave.
5. Leave Document Rules – Add new variables: CreatedBy. [EModule-1319][Issue ID: 446]
6. Attachment Error – Plan Leave Modify / Cancel. [EModule-1325][Issue ID: 450]

C. eEmployee
1. Amend “EmployeeList.aspx”, remove “Filter” at grid view when next time access this page again. [Request by KL support]
2. Adjust “Service” tab -> “Current Service Info” tab. There are a big gap between each row, caused by css style.
[Request by Melaka support]
3. Add ‘Visible’ option to all individual employee master fields and access options to employee serivce / eduction / Job History /
Document History / Reference. [Request by JB support]

D. Admin
1. Route ID – Add “Active” column. [Request by JB support]

E. eClaims
1. Error approving e-Claim due to close period. [EModule-1317]

F. General
1. Vaccine 3rd Dose Update.

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