ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 27/01/2023 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. eLeave
1. Direct Approve Leave – Staff didn’t received push notification from mobile ESS.
2. E-Leave Not Enough Leave Balance. [Issue ID:607][EModule-1596]
3. Enhance searching for Route ID.
4. Wrong Half Day In eLeave Leave Calendar. [Issue ID:621][EModule-1607]
5. Pending leave not appear in approver notification page when go to home page. [Issue ID:626][EModule-1610]
6. Add NEW 2 columns to ESS table: LeaveMaster:

B. General
1. SaveLog() – fix issue of “infinite recursion”. [EModule-1595]
2. SaveLog() – remove function “SaveLogSafe” inside “catch”.

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