ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 22/02/2023 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. eLeave
1. Request Leave Cancel Notification. [EModule-1612]
2. Reset RouteID=”” in table:Users when HR click on update button in Route Group Setup.
3. Leave Audit/ Activity Log Enhancement. [Issue ID:628][EModule-1629][MobileESS-1631]
4. Old Pending Leaves Not Show In Approval Screen. [Issue ID:630][EModule-1632]
5. Different branch of HR should not view another branch employee list in “Current pending leave”. [EModule-1653]

B. General
1. Amend “Forget Password” at login page, appear error message.
2. Create MobileESS Access Page Edit, allow HR to set mobile user can see payslip module or not.

C. CallService [version]
1. Request Leave Cancel Notification. [EModule-1612]
2. User received by pass email (BYPASSLEAVELIST) without email content.

D. ePayslip
1. Income Tax PCB II. [EModule-1642][MobileESS-1650]
2. EA/ EC Form Year 2022 Changes. [EModule-1643][MobileESS-1651]

E. eOT
1. “Import Plan OT” from excel file error. Error because of column “Remark” exceed 255 characters. [EModule-1648]

F. eEmployee
1. Tab setting in General Setup (eEmployee) not tally with eEmployee page. [EModule-1652]

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