ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 05/05/2023 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. eLeave
    1. Leave Document Rules – Add new variables to fulfill below customer request. [EModule-1691]
        Scenario: If this month is March, 2023 and set must submit 7/March:
            a) Submit 20/Feb, reject if already close period.
            b) Submit 28/Feb, accept if leave cutoff is -24 to 23.
            c) Submit 1/Mar, accept if today date is before 7/March.
            d) Submit 1/Mar, reject if today date is after 7/March.
            e) Submit future leave which is Apr,May…etc, accept ALL.
     2. Apply leave failed when apply 2 times of 1/2 day leave within 1 day (with different leave code).
     3. Add “LeaveTable” into leave rule variables. [EModule-1710]
     4. Select All Check Box Not Function: Leave Approve – Cancel (Approve Leave Tab). [EModule-1712]
     5. Wrong Lve Details Opened From Lve Route Calendar. [EModule-1714]
     6. Duplicate Leave. [EModule-1716]

B. ePayslip
1. Send EA Form Failed via Email. [EModule-1682]
     2. Payslip issue – Basic Pay not appear in payslip format X. [EModule-1709]
     3. (OT HOUR) Wrong language showing in ePayslip. [EModule-1718]

C. General
1. Find RouteID Enhancement.
         – 1st: Get RouteID from Users table, if can’t find RouteID from Users table, then go to 2nd: Get RouteID from iFlexiHRMS
            employee master query.

D. CallService
1. E-leave by-pass issue. [EModule-1703]

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