ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 10/07/2023 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. Admin
    1. Announcement Enhancement – Add Filter Query Code. [More detail…] [EModule-1760]
    2. Remove reset ALL users RouteID to empty value in RouteQuerySetup.aspx, bug fixed.
    3. QDE – Update Users Function. [More detail…][EModule-1733][Issue ID:707]
    4. Employee name in Supervisor Route shown wrong employee. [EModule-1762][Issue ID:711]

B. Payslip
    1. Payslip issue. [EModule-1747]

C. eOT
    1. eOT Approval – Approval still can approved the OT application >60hrs at system. [EModule-1750]

D. eClaims
   1. Backup Approval unable to see some pending approval welfare. [EModule-1753]
   2. Redirect Route for eClaims. [EModule-1754][Issue ID:705]

E. eLeave
  1. Incoming leave cancellation request didn’t appear in notification page. [EModule-1758][Issue ID:710]
  2. Leave Taken Enhancement – Show Pre-Taken Leave Days. [More detail…] [EModule-1759]


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