ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 15/08/2023 is released

ESS version And CallService version



A. eAttendance
    1. eAttendance apply on behalf – route id still follow query code, should get from table:Users and route query. [EModule-1767].
    2. Request to add in ‘Reason’ field for Clock Data Approve/Reject Master Page. [EModule-1773]
    3. Clock Data Edit/Modify – Clock Data Condition show approver before backup approver. [EModule-1774]

B. eAdmin
    1. Route Group Verify Enhancement. [EModule-1771]

C. ePayslip
    1. Request New Feature for ePayslip. Add “Compute Method” filter in period cycle list. [EModule-1768]
    2. Send payslip failed if sending method is SMTP without password. [EModule-1781]

D. eEmployee
   1. Upload document – If file format in general setup is BLANK default allow all file format. [EModule-1772]

E. eLeave
  1. Apply Entitled Under Probation required Min Service(YOS). [EModule-1775]
  2. Resubmit Issue. Redirect route document rules didn’t working in resubmit leave. [EModule-1778][Issue ID:719]
  3. Leave Form and Plan Leave Form – Move daily or hourly leave option before select leave code. [EModule-1783]
  4. eLeave Dashboard enhancement. [EModule-1784]
  5. Error when upload attachment with filename consist of single quote (‘). [EModule-1787]

F. eOT
  1. Change “Prompt Warning Message” at eOT and eOTPlan.
From: Warning Approve Actual OT if Total Working Hours + OT Hours per Week >
      To:      Warning Approve Actual OT if Total Working Hours + OT Hours per Week >=

G. eClaims
  1. Error When Apply e-Claim (Welfare). [Issue ID:725][EModule-1787]

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