ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 12/01/2024 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. CallService [version]
    1. e-Attendance module: Email Content Variable not working (ATTNSCODEAPPROVE), supervisor apply on behalf. [EModule-1860]
    2. e-Attendance module: Fix email content issue (SendATTNSCODEAPP).

B. Admin
    1. User Account Details-Route ID Page 2 Didn’t Load. [EModule-1859][Issue ID:750]
    2. Hide Leave Code for Mobile ESS. [EModule-1870]
         Notes: Make sure ESS mobile version is 1.2.6.   

C. General
     1. Found Hard-Coded URLs in Payroll Web. [EModule-1881]     

D. Welfare
      1. Claim Submit Failed, Incorrect syntax error. [EModule-1867]
      2. Add NEW controller – API/UploadWelfareController for mobile welfare future development.
      3. Unable Approve e-Claim(Welfare)-Balance Not Enough. [EModule-1893]

E. eLeave
      1. Send push notification to supervisor and staff when leave is being cancelled. [EModule-1872][Issue ID:746]
           * This enhancement must match with Mobile ESS version and above, because changes in mobile API -> api/PostPushNotification.
      2. Remove Leave Calendar Start Date & End Date, meaningless for customer. [EModule-1891][Issue ID:767]

F. ePayslip
      1. e-Payslip duplicated 0E info to 01 when preview payresult in 2 separate period. [EModule-1892]

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