ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 02/07/2024 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. ePayslip
1. Payslip Format X – Tagging LEAVE_HORIZONTALTYPE. show All Leave based on LeaveType. [EModule-2020][iFlexiHRMS-2009]
    2. Payslip Format X – YTD Leave Summary value is different with iFlexiHRMS system. [EModule-2023][MobileESS-2024]
    3. Payslip Format JTK add ORP Rate. [EModule-2027]

B. eLeave
    1. Change “MaritalStatus” from “MaritalStatu” to “MaritalStatus” in table:RuleVariable.
    2. Approve Leave Record Refresh Wrongly In LeaveModify. [Issue ID:851][EModule-2025]
    3. Pending Leave Can Still Change Full / Half Day. [Issue ID:853][EModule-2029]
    4. Leave Calendar – Change today calendar background color. [EModule-2032]
    5. Unable display second page’s RouteID in Rule Setup. [Issue ID:862][EModule-2037]
    6. Default file format wording is wrong in leave application form.
    7. Submit leave form failed because system detect got holiday and holiday shift code didn’t exist in ShiftCode Table. [EModule-2051]

C. eClaims(Welfare)
    1. Welfare User Claim Report Enhancement. [Issue ID:852][EModule-2030]
    2. Upload file maximum size wording is wrong in claims application form. [EModule-2040]
    3. Welfare available balance enhancement. [EModule-2045]

D. eAttendance
     1. Clock Entry Attachment Function. [Issue ID:855][EModule-2031]
     2. Provide Clock Condition Check in Clock Approval Page. [EModule-2039][Issue ID:857]
     3. Submit Clock Entry Failed. Error : There is no row at position 0. [EModule-2049]
     4. Individual Monthly Attendance not able to find record. [EModule-2053]
     5. Insert NULL in OriginClockTime when ADD a NEW Clock Data. [Issue ID:869][EModule-2054]

E. CallService (
     1. Sync Approve Plan OT Enhancement. [EModule-2055]

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