ESS Release Notes

iFlexi HRMS product for version 19/03/2021


iFlexiHRMS-1034              Fix connection issue when process canceled


iFlexiHRMS-1113              YTD Data Entry Enhancement (Issue ID: 257)

iFlexiHRMS-926                 Update definition file for changes in Tax Rate 2021 (Issue ID: 288)

iFlexiHRMS-1043              YTD Exemption (Issue ID: 195)

iFlexiHRMS-1104              Payroll Formula verification have issue with Date

iFlexiHRMS-1149              BFwdZakat (Issue ID: 268)

Employee Master           

iFlexiHRMS-1115              EmployeeMaster Browse Column Chooser (Issue ID: 254)

iFlexiHRMS-1133              Remove Change Company Type

iFlexiHRMS-1136              Child Tax Relief – Add points (Issue ID: 273)

iFlexiHRMS-1162              Enhance checking for Tax Relief Column on Employee Service History

iFlexiHRMS-1171              Employee YOS wrong (Issue ID: 327)

iFlexiHRMS-727                Change Company


iFlexiHRMS-1127              Payroll Summary by Code-Multigrouping total issue in different paper size (Issue ID: 275)

iFlexiHRMS-1128              Update Statutory Form for Form E, CP8D, CP21, CP22A, CP22 (Issue ID: 296)

iFlexiHRMS-1145              Fixed CP22A Overwrite issue. (Issue ID: 290)

iFlexiHRMS-1112              Payroll History Listing – No total for multigrouping (Issue ID: 256)

iFlexiHRMS-999                 Fixed on Gross Deduction amount "Payroll summary by code" Report (Issue ID: 156)

iFlexiHRMS-1168              Fixed Total for CP8D Column K (Issue ID: 321)

iFlexiHRMS-1169              Fixed EPF Wrong value 2021 (Issue ID: 325)


iFlexiHRMS-1132              Payroll Register File – Show wrong total basic pay (Issue ID: 279)

iFlexiHRMS-1109              Transaction amount 0 cant release the hold payment in Auto Banking Data Export

iFlexiHRMS-1119              Affinmax file format (Excel) Salary – NEW Format


iFlexiHRMS-1123              Audit Export Cannot Handle Characters in Tax Reference (Issue ID: 286)

iFlexiHRMS-1121              Update Service History Null Value Issue (Issue ID: 266)

iFlexiHRMS-1126              Audit Trail – Change Logic of Audit Checking to check Database Field according to the DataSet.

iFlexiHRMS-1110              iFlexiHRMS will use Subject field in Payroll settings for email payslip to employee.


iFlexiHRMS-1122              QDE Increment update service history (Issue ID: 265)


iFlexiHRMS-1120              Fix leave issue on flexible schedule


iFlexiHRMS-1111,1116    Welfare Finance Cut Off Issue (Issue ID: 255)


iFlexiHRMS-1114              Leave Process – Leap Year Error for case (Issue ID: 258)