ESS Release Notes

iFlexi HRMS product for version 11/01/2021


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1052 Generate EA Form and EC Form – Error on tax class with alphabet value
  2. iFlexiHRMS-810  Increase length for TaxClass in Allowance (Issue ID:154)


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1094 Leave Report – Does not view un-active staff (Issue ID:234)
  2. iFlexiHRMS-1038 Add BIK Value into CP21 Report (Issue ID:168)
  3. iFlexiHRMS-1077 B12 Tax Class (ESOS) not shown in EA Form (Issue ID:220)


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1099 Fix Mandatory Clocking Criteria Issue


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1098  Statutory Update – Year 2021
  2. iFlexiHRMS-1103 EPF Statutory Update – 2021
  3. iFlexiHRMS-690  Issue when Create/Edit Allowance Code with Tax CLass “Leave Encashment”.
  4. iFlexiHRMS-1096 Avoid Error Last Pay Period with Bonus Cycle – (iFlexiHRMS-924) (Issue ID:236)
  5. iFlexiHRMS-1078 Add Column Kid not entitled to Tax Relief in Employee Master (Issue ID:222)
  6. iFlexiHRMS-1110 Add Column PaySlip Subject in Database Patching.


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1092 Hold Payment Issue – Ambank Group AutoPay Payroll 3.0 Combine Export Forma (Issue ID:197)
  2. iFlexiHRMS-1005,1078 Export LHDN Audit File (Issue ID:222)

QDE & Import

  1. iFlexiHRMS-1046 Fixed function of Bonus – Import Tools Link on Ribbon Menu & Layout in Bonus Transaction.
  2. iFlexiHRMS-1083 Import Tools – Employee Master Slow Preview Data (Issue ID:224)