ESS Release Notes

iFlexi HRMS product for version 20/11/2020


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1013 Clock interval check not working on REST, OFF, HOLIDAY Payroll (Issue ID: 177)


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1090 Mark Abnormal for Prorate with special condition to avoid neglect of Wrong Calculation (Issue ID: 178)
  2. iFlexiHRMS-1050 Prorate: system capture the Resign service history record after cutoff of the period. (Issue ID: 228,196)
  3. iFlexiHRMS-1069 Enhance: Remove Leave Hour, OT Hour checking for Close Period Enhance on (Issue ID: 206)
  4. iFlexiHRMS-1061 Close Period Speed Issue.
  5. iFlexiHRMS-1059 Fixed Transport Error on Close Period (Issue ID: 205)
  6. iFlexiHRMS-1075 Fix Issue on New ComputeMethod Creation. (Issue ID: 219)

Employee Master

  1. iFlexiHRMS-924 Employee Master – wrong checking on set to not active employee & enhance checking Last Pay Period (Issue ID: 42)
  2. iFlexiHRMS-1023 Employee Service History sorting request & current Record marking.  (Issue ID: 185)
  3. iFlexiHRMS-1030 EmployeeMaster – Active Status allowed to input other than ‘Y’ or ‘N’ (Issue ID: 188)
  4. iFlexiHRMS-990 EmployeeMaster – Dataset, QualificationMajor column not tally with database (Issue ID: 153,144)


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1051 Import tools – Cycle empty before import or create template
  2. iFlexiHRMS-1040 Fixed logic for QDE update employee master On Hire and Initial Movement Date. (Issue ID: 179)


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1046 Fixed function of Bonus – Import Tools Link on Ribbon Menu & Layout in Bonus Transaction.
  2. iFlexiHRMS-1045 Add Option on Individual Import function to import with ignoring Null Value.
  3. iFlexiHRMS-890 Enhance: Transaction Import Tool to handle multi OT tran with single Code. (Issue ID: 39)
  4. iFlexiHRMS-1068 Import Tools – Leave Form Not checking valid Employee No. (Issue ID: 212)
  5. iFlexiHRMS-1072 Import Tools – BadgeNo | Advance Not checking valid Employee No. 
  6. iFlexiHRMS-1029 Employee Master Synchronization — Not allow to write text on UBS Employee Master Path
  7. iFlexiHRMS-996 Import Leave Form – Add reason and remarks column (Issue ID: 159)


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1054 Access right – Cannot remove all user  (Issue ID: 203)
  2. iFlexiHRMS-1057 Audit Trail – Add Delete Audit Trail for Access Right
  3. iFlexiHRMS-1055 Displinary form access right issues (Issue ID: 97)
  4. iFlexiHRMS-598 Invalid Value and can’t close the windows if user try to update confirm date or resign date in Payroll History
  5. iFlexiHRMS-1027 Audit for Plugin Installer
  6. iFlexiHRMS-1016 Hide EIS option on transaction Code based on License.  (Issue ID: 182)
  7. iFlexiHRMS-737 Release Note content is not fit the dialog box size


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1041 Leave Pattern — Leave Against allowed “BLANK” input
  2. iFlexiHRMS-922 Leave adjustment – Issue when change adjust date (Issue ID: 74)
  3. iFlexiHRMS-1044 Leave – Control by Access Right


  1. iFlexiHRMS-620 Add remain column and list position in welfare entitlement listing and transaction


  1. iFlexiHRMS-1058 Government Report – Error when design report
  2. iFlexiHRMS-1062 Hide Access Field for Employee Service History data on Employee Increment List Report (Issue ID: 200)
  3. iFlexiHRMS-1066 Report – Government ASB cannot design, delete and deny list
  4. iFlexiHRMS-1067 Access Field Control – Cannot Delete User Field Control
  5. iFlexiHRMS-1060 HRD report amount issue (Issue ID: 207)
  6. iFlexiHRMS-1056 Report – Payroll Transaction Summary cannot summary the record (Issue ID: 204)
  7. iFlexiHRMS-897 [Enhancement]: Enhance Payroll Payroll History Summary to handle with 8 Integer + 2 Decimal Value, Up to 99 Million Figure with 2 decimal (Issue ID: 51)
  8. iFlexiHRMS-1037 Enable Customization for Email Payslip Header. (Issue ID: 181)
  9. iFlexiHRMS-1042 Fixed Overtime Analysis Summary to sum amount with CalAmount Field instead of Amount. (Issue ID: 194)
  10. iFlexiHRMS-938 Payslip date issues on “Preprinted” (Issue ID: 80)
  11. iFlexiHRMS-1036 Attendance Analysis – Unpaid Leave in Hour no Data (Issue ID: 172)
  12. iFlexiHRMS-1033 OT Analysis – Add cost centre and head count field name (Issue ID: 187)
  14. iFlexiHRMS-1035 Employee Master Report – Employee fixed allowance/deduction list unable to save after design (Issue ID: 190)
  15. iFlexiHRMS-1053 Deny List Report shown after design Employee Master report (Issue ID: 198)
  16. iFlexiHRMS-1064 All Report – Deny List Report shown after design report
  17. iFlexiHRMS-1025 Analysis By Code – Deduction and Allowance Analysis Summary by Department report show same template (Issue ID: 163)
  18. iFlexiHRMS-1017 Payroll Summary By Code Report Not Show Total By Group (Issue ID: 171)
  19. iFlexiHRMS-1007 Report – EPF18 error when open (Issue ID: 169)

Banking Export

  1. iFlexiHRMS-1031 Maybank 2ERC – Bank Codes wrong for Standard Charted Bank
  2. iFlexiHRMS-1032 Missing IBG Giro Code – Employer Bank: Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (Issue ID: 189)

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