ESS Release Notes

iFlexi HRMS product for version auto update 10/02/2022

Employee Master

iFlexiHRMS-1308 – Employee Master – Insert no of child record in spouse tab is not disabled for new employee
iFlexiHRMS-1310 – EmployeeMaster – Wrong tab page when error EIS, EPF and SOCSO table during save
iFlexiHRMS-1316 – Employee Master – Exclamation mark (EPF/EIS/SOCSO) only display in one empty field


iFlexiHRMS-758 – Unable preview the second tax reference if no.majikan same with first tax reference
iFlexiHRMS-1208 – Add Document Date Into Welfare Report
iFlexiHRMS-1306 – Payroll Transaction Summary – Export excel merge column issue
iFlexiHRMS-1345 – Payroll Transaction Summary by Period – EIS amount not included in Gross Deduction


iFlexiHRMS-1334 – UOB Payroll File – New SOCSO & EIS Format
iFlexiHRMS-1335 – UOB Bank Format – Add company ID
iFlexiHRMS-1336 – Hong Leong Socso Export Format – Socso No


iFlexiHRMS-1318 – Time Off Offset Issue
iFlexiHRMS-1353 – Quick Approval OT Retrieve Zero Hour OT


iFlexiHRMS-1333 – Fixed TaxBase on Bonus Cycle


iFlexiHRMS-1020 – Standardize Leave Form and QDE Leave Form
iFlexiHRMS-1229 – Leave Balance wrong checking for financial method when apply leave form
iFlexiHRMS-1264 – QDE Leave Form – Check resign employee based on employeeservicehistory effective date
iFlexiHRMS-1157 – Leave Balance wrong when Leave Encashment in Different Year Payroll
iFlexiHRMS-1249 – Forfeit Bring Forward for Bring Forward Adjustment
iFlexiHRMS-1247 – Apply leave, popup empty window message. Financial Cutoff Method
iFlexiHRMS-1283 – Leave Days not checking when Edit Leave Form for unpaid leave on non-workday type
iFlexiHRMS-1295 – Remove Min Service(YOS) on Leave Pattern Setting
iFlexiHRMS-1297 – (YOS Method : F + Cutoff Method :C) or (YOS Method : F + Cutoff Method :A) is not allowed. Warning user after login system
iFlexiHRMS-1302 – Skip process leave if YOS Method: F + CutOff Method: C or OS Method: F + CutOff Method: A found


iFlexiHRMS-1141 – Payroll Register File – Missing Bonus column
iFlexiHRMS-1265 – Overtime Analysis By Code – Wrongly sum of OT
iFlexiHRMS-1298 – LHDN Forms for Year 2022
iFlexiHRMS-1312 – Abnormal module Fetch Outdated Shift Group From Employee Service History – skip abnormal module
iFlexiHRMS-1327 – General Setup – Shift Type reset to default when patch database
iFlexiHTMS-1354 – Tax Exemption EPF PP013 YearTo wrong value
iFlexiHRMS-1365 – SMTP TLS 1.2 fixed
iFlexiHRMS-1366 – Tick “Advance” option on All Cycle in ComputeMethod started with “A” in existing databse.

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