ESS Release Notes

iFlexi HRMS product for version auto update 14/03/2022


iFlexiHRMS-1355 Enhancement – hyperlink in main page and about page
iFlexiHRMS-1356 Not allow to untick ADV with Cycle Start with “A*” in ComputeMethod
iFlexiHRMS-1363 Compute / Calculation Method – Compulsory to have cycle and cutoff
iFlexiHRMS-1365 STMP TLS 1.2 Fixed


iFlexiHRMS-1374 Preview Analysis by Code Report Error
iFlexiHRMS-1360 Training Report – Add Employee Master fields
iFlexiHRMS-1357 CP22, CP22A Data Calculation
iFlexiHRMS-1359 CP22A, Zakat not appear in report
iFlexiHRMS-1364 EA and EC Form override save error
iFlexiHRMS-1378 CP21 – Employee PhoneNo Wrong
iFlexiHRMS-1386 EA & EC Override Form / iFlexiHRMS-1340 EA & EC Override Form


iFlexiHRMS-1337 Closed Leave Date wrongly retrieve
iFlexiHRMS-1339 Leave Against on Leave Pattern – if ‘NULL’ found in database, change to ‘No Check’

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