ESS Release Notes

iFlexi HRMS product for version auto update 22/03/2023


iFlexiHRMS-1619 – QDE Bonus – Failed to enable constraints


iFlexiHRMS-1620 – Apply Leave – Code Related No Leave Entitlement Not block under probation


iFlexiHRMS-1634 – Custom Value Error in payroll analysis
iFlexiHRMS-1644 – EA Analysis Tax Class 0
iFlexiHRMS-1663 – Organization chart cannot generate
iFlexiHRMS-1680 – Payroll Analysis – DOB


iFlexiHRMS-1589 – CP22 Generate – Result when Inquiry not filter taxreference
iFlexiHRMS-1590 – HRD Listing Wrong Rounding – Employee and By Department
iFlexiHRMS-1621 – CP22A Maintenance Operator = is not defined
iFlexiHRMS-1623 – CP22A Maintenance – Lain-Lain Bayaran Enhancement
iFlexiHRMS-1635 – Payslip date period unable to show.
iFlexiHRMS-1638 – Payroll History Listing out of the range error
iFlexiHRMS-1639 – Income Tax PCB II – No Cukai Pendapatan
iFlexiHRMS-1640 – Borang E – Bilangan Pekerja (Tax Deduction = ‘Y’)
iFlexiHRMS-1649 – E Form – Head count Employee (Filter by TaxReference)
iFlexiHRMS-1659 – B12 Tax Class (ESOS) cannot override in EA Form
iFlexiHRMS-1660 – Allowance Exemption Tax Class 10
iFlexiHRMS-1661 – EA Form – Tax Relief not accurate
iFlexiHRMS-1662 – E Form – Head count Employee Revised (total, rehired and resigned)
iFlexiHRMS-1668 – HRD Listing Report Cannot Group Properly when Cycle selected


iFlexiHRMS-1562 – UBS Payroll Export – Add option to use EmpNo or BadgeNo


iFlexiHRMS-1657 – Import Transactions from Excel


iFlexiHRMS-1645 – Tax Relief SOCSO EIS wrong, different with payresult socso eis
iFlexiHRMS-1665 – Send Email for EA Form

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