ESS Release Notes

iFlexi Mobile App for version 1.2.3 1/9/2023

  1. Improved Fingerprint Function: The fingerprint authentication feature has been enhanced with a more stable structure. Users can now log in using their fingerprint, even if the “Remember Me” option is not enabled. This provides added convenience and security.

  2. Remember Me Function Enhancement: We have refined the “Remember Me” function. Now, the app will only remember your login credentials after you have successfully logged in. This helps to ensure your security and privacy.

  3. User Prompt for Remember Me: As part of the changes to the “Remember Me” function, users will be prompted to enable or disable the “Remember Me” option after the update. This ensures that your choice is retained and aligns with the updated functionality.

  4. Payslip Adjustments: User can now disable certain payslip and the payslip section will display the appropriate dialog.

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