ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 22/11/2021 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. CallService [version:]
1. E-leave approval issue – Progress.
2. Wrong Recipient Name in Leave Route Level ByPass.

B. eLeave
1. eLeave 1st and 2nd Half Appear ‘Y’.
2. Wrong Leave Form Linked In Leave Route Calendar.
3. Unpaid Leave if setting ‘Apply on non work day’, unable apply half day in eLeave.
4. Add 2 variables into table: RuleVariable
a) LeaveFrom
b) LeaveTo
5. Request Cancel Leave Approved. Send to wrong HR email to notify HR got staff request cancel approved leave.
– Old version is capture HR email from e-Employee -> HR Administrator email.

C. eAttendance
1. E-Attendance Schedule Default Missing.

D. eOT
1. OT Per Month and OT Per User Report – Add final level approver name.
2. EOTPlan Unmatch Export Excel Issue.

E. eEmployee
1. eEmployee Profile Update Notification.
– HR who has right to access Approve Profile function in e-Employee -> HR does not receive notification in eStaff Home screen.
2. Change Maximum File Size for Upload Document. Get maximum file size from “General” tab.
3. eEmployee Fields Locked When Reference Fields Open.

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