ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 21/10/2021 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. eAttendance
1. Individual Monthly Attendance by Overtime [EModule-1251]
– Default sort by criteria to “Date”.

B. eLeave
1. Missed out the field: Cancel Reason in table: LeaveCancelRequest. [Issue ID: 412]
2. Add “Send Push Notification” to staff/supervisor when HR Approve/Reject approved leave cancel request. [EModule-1255]
3. Default “Got Attachment” checkbox is unticked when 1st time open leave application form, requested by Weng. [Issue ID: 411]
4. Remove Non Workday Effect in eLeave Document Rule. [Issue ID: 413]
5. Leave Document Rules
– Reject partial day leave when apply 1/2 day leave. [EModule-1266]
6. Leave Document Rules
– Not allowed user apply leave during offday and restday. [EModule-1270]
7. Syntax Error On eStaff Leave Cancellation (ELeaveModify.aspx) [Issue ID: 421]
8. Error message appear when HR approve multiple record of leave approved cancel request.

C. General
1. Split EmailTo to multiple email address, so that email can send out to multiple recipients. [Issue ID: 410].
2. Vaccine Status Update
– Change “Vaccine Type” not a compulsory field when user choose vaccine status as “Not Registered” and “No Appointment”.

D. eClaims
1. Cannot update the claims record although Document Date < Posting Date.
2. Error While Approve eClaim Application. [Issue ID: 414]

E. eEmployee
1. Child Tax Relief [Issue ID: 409]
– User cannot update eEmployee due to Child Tax Relief entries, request to remove function for Child Tax Relief update and verification, only allow user to view, because child tax no longer be updated from employee master.

F. CallService
1. Split Mailto to multiple email address, so that email can send out to multiple recipient. [Issue ID: 410]

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