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iFLEXiHRMS is a combination of software including attendance or known as time management software and payroll software. These two core modules play the main characters in HRMS system software solutions. iFLEXiHRMS offers strong attendance and payroll solution in HRMS by allowing quick action and simplify HR process. iFLEXiHRMS also offers a wide range of add-on module in order to suffice different company’s needs. You can view the add-on module here

What make iFLEXiHRMS attendance and payroll solution easier today? We have to introduce our function that covered in both attendance and payroll process, which is QDE, aka Quick Data Entry.

The next question will be, what is QDE? And why is it important?

QDE – Quicky Data Entry

QDE is a useful feature for allowing user to perform batch update or batch data entry for employee attendance data and payroll info. So that HR is not required to key in the data one by one for each employee. QDE is born for reducing human error/mistake, data entry error and time saving.

How QDE come in handy while processing attendance and payroll?

For Attendance or time management, QDE come in handy while performing batch entry for missing clocking data. This usually happen while attendance devices or clocking devices down or broken. HR can set a vary of time and batch update employee attendance data. For example, one company attendance device is not functioned due to electricity shortage. Employee that arrived office can’t clock their attendance, after the attendance device had been fix to normal, the employees are need not to clock the attendance data as it will record as late in. So here is QDE come in handy, company HR can get the timing where the attendance devices broken (eg 8.00am) and the point where attendance devices had been fixed (eg 9.00am). Within this period, enter a clocking data value to all employee (eg 8.30am), once the required info entered in iFLEXiHRMS attendance software, QDE will allow you to batch update all employee that fulfill the scenario above and write in their missing attendance record.

For Payroll, QDE play a different roles compared to attendance, it allows user to batch update employee salary increment, allowances, OT, and many more. QDE provide convenient for company’s supervisor for OT controlled by allowing one batch apply OT and confirm OT. The supervisor is required to provide employees that OT, and OT hours, submit to the HR and the overall process can be done simple and quickly.

How to apply QDE in iFLEXiHRMS?

Pre-condition to apply QDE in iFLEXiHRMS is that user must retrieve a constant value and a group of employee which will be applying to. Let’s say for example, one group of employee from services department is going to OT 3hours today.

Constant value – 3hours

Employee – Services Department

The pre-condition meets, so a QDE can be perform in this case.

A QDE can’t be applied for two constant value and two group of employee, let’s say for example, half group of employee services is OT for 2 hours and the others are OT for 3hours.

Constant value – 2hours, 3hours

Employee – Half of the services department and the others

However, we can separate the above scenario to two different situations. One of the employee group (half of the employee from services department) get an OT for 2 hours, perform QDE in payroll. And then, the second scenario, the rest of the employee from services department get an OT for 3 hours, perform another QDE in payroll.

A QDE is capable to perform salary increment as follows:

ABC company is gaining profit in the end of year, therefore its CEO – ABC Director is planning to increase his employee salary by increasing 5% to each employee during payroll.

Constant value – 5%

Employee – all of the employee from ABC company

After enter the required info above into iFLEXiHRMS software, it will automatically perform salary increment action and add the relatively 5% salary to each of the ABC company’s employee.

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