ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 26/04/2022 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. eOT
1. Approver didn’t see OT application record who wating them to approve. [EModule-1425]

B. eAttendance
1. Approve clock data page show error. [EModule-1426]
2. Clock Data Entry on Behalf of Subordinate [EModule-1395]
a) Default no employee no., date from and date to selected when 1st time access this page.
3. Approver cannot see employee shiftcode application form. [EModule-1427]
– If approver don’t have employee number in iFlexiHRMS system, he/she cannot see staff’s shiftcode application form.
4. Import Schedule Failed. [EModule-1413]
– No error message appear although record is failed to import.

C. eLeave
1. BF. Balance Day No Show [EModule-1399][Issue ID: 484].
2. Leave Against BF. Balance Not Function. [EModule-1403][Issue ID: 485]
3. Leave Attachment Column Missing [EModule-1391][Issue ID: 475]
4. Preset ‘Got Attachment’ Check based on leave code. [EModule-1415]
5. Non-Related Leave ReSubmit History. [EModule-1419][Issue ID: 499]
6. Leave code didn’t change when user change the leave code in staff request to resubmit the leave application. [EModule-1422]
7. Attachment Edit Allowed In Approved Leave Record. [EModule-1429][Issue ID: 501]
8. Submit button missing in Leave Application Detail. [EModule-1430][Issue ID: 503]

D. eEmployee
1. Allow user amend Number of Children Qualified for Tax Relief – In Employee Service History.

E. CallService [Version]
1. When staff apply changes of no. of children, email notification will send out to HR.

F. General
1. Enhance Report Filter option.
– Can filter by department, costCentre, company, division, section, category, superior, supervisor, religion, job, shiftGroup, race,
nationality, line, payRate, sex, active, hire date, confirm date, resign date, DOB.

ESS version must match with CallService version because of staff request change no. of children and email need to send out to HR.

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