ESS Release Notes

iFlexi HRMS product for version auto update 12/05/2022


iFLexiHRMS-1431 Clock ID Filtering Not Working
iFLexiHRMS-1394 Total work hour is not tally in attendance analysis and daily attendance browse page
iFLexiHRMS-1392 Attendance Matrix with Leave Code
iFLexiHRMS-1390 Knock off issue. Over break duration issue.
iFLexiHRMS-1387 Wrong OT hour before schedule calculation with absent


iFLexiHRMS-1221 Missing Whole Employee Record – Attendance Matrix Report
iFLexiHRMS-1368 Enhance Report Footer and Header in report
iFLexiHRMS-1421 Cannot Sort Employee Report By Expire Date
iFLexiHRMS-1428 CP22 – Generate Data from EmployeeServiceHistory, FixedAllowDeduct and EmployeeBenefit
iFLexiHRMS-1393 E Form – Bilangan Pekerja, Pekerja Baharu, Pekerja Berhenti
iFLexiHRMS-1389 Employee Salary Increment List duplicate record
iFLexiHRMS-1388 Overtime Analysis Summary by Department Report Preview empty results error


iFLexiHRMS-1401 Audit Data Export – Export wrong Company Name


iFLexiHRMS-1411 YTD BIK Entry – Change the position of Amount & Tax Class
iFLexiHRMS-1238 Prorate Enhancement (Part 1 – Fixed Full Wage On Cut Off Start Setting to true, Excluded Non Standard CutOff, Rehire , Hire on CutOffStart and Increment at the same period, or increment but resign at the same period will display ErrProrate and show Full Basic)


iFLexiHRMS-1410 Edit Leave Form – Object refence not set
iFLexiHRMS-1398 Leave – Apply Leave for employee not confirmed (probation) not block for Rehire.
iFLexiHRMS-1385 Leave Adjustment Brought Forward set to 0 but system not calculated
iFLexiHRMS-1367 Leave Form – Apply Leave Error when hired date on Leap Year


iFLexiHRMS-1404 Add Console to Process Child Tax Relief to integrated with EModule Version 1.0.22

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