ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 27/06/2022 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. CallService [version:]
1. Same as previous version [No update].

B. eAttendance
1. Amend daily attendance reports which allow customized format. [EModule-1438]

C. Admin
1. Cannot see redirect route listing at ReRouteLevelSetup.aspx. [EModule-1437]
2. Add a setting of enable “TwoFactorAuthMobile”. This setting is using for MobileESS version 1.1.6.

D. eLeave
1. Enhancement to Leave Document Rule Explanation. [EModule-1436][Issue ID: 509]
2. Unable to Approve Cancel Approved Leave Request. [EModule-1439][Issue ID: 510]
3. Amend “LeaveApp.aspx”, when select leave code which attachment is compulsory, “Got Attachment?” checkbox will automatically
4. Amend leave modify page. At approver level listing, sort by “Flevel (Asc)” followed by “IsBackup (Asc)”.
5. Amend leave approve page. At approver level listing sort by “Flevel (Asc)” followed by “IsBackup (Asc)”.
6. MC cannot be apply, system bug. [EModule-1446]
7. Approval Route on ReSubmit Leave. [EModule-1447][MobileESS-1453]
a) Approval route will be change to latest route according to route setting if staff re-submit leave form.

E. eEmployee
1. Enhance Notification Employee Profile in dashboard. [EModule-1440]
a) Amend pending count value, which will add filter query in EmployeeMaster who Active=Y just will count the pending record.

F. ESS Mobile
1. Add new API, used by Mobile Apps.
a) UploadController.vb
b) DeleteFileController.vb

G. eClaims
1. Error Submit eClaim (Account). [EModule-1460]
2. Approve Claims Failed (Welfare). [EModule-1461]

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