ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 20/11/2023 is released


ESS version And CallService version

A. CallService [version]
    1. Bug fixed for checking plan overtime and actual overtime. [EModule-1836]

B. General
    1. Remove “Flexi Team Computer Services Sdn. Bhd” in ALL email content. [EModule-1837]    

C. eClaims (Welfare)
     1. e-Claim (Welfare) – Able to approve although already set stop approve. [EModule-1838]     

D. eLeave
      1. Leave Route Calender Filter Problem. [EModule-1842][Issue ID:744]
2. Leave document rules action ALERT function is wrong. [EModule-1841]

E. eOT
      1. Import Plan OT issue. [EModule-1849]

F. ePayslip
      1. Payslip – xrTableOthers PLEAVE,UPLEAVE,LEAVEOR,LEAVE_UPLZERO and others not appear in payslip. [EModule-1848]

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