ESS Release Notes

iFlexi Mobile App for version 1.2.5 28/11/2023


  1. eLeave
                   – Mobile Leave – Leave document rules action ALERT function is wrong. [MobileESS-1847][EModule-1841]
                   – Probation Period Staff Able To Apply EAL Through iFlexi Mobile App (Fiffy). [MobileESS-1857]
  2. ePayslip
                    – Error occur when preview payslip, because missing below column in table:PayResult:
                                    – zakatRelief (Decimal 18,0)
                    – Payslip – xrTableOthers PLEAVE,UPLEAVE,LEAVEOR,LEAVE_UPLZERO and others not appear in payslip. [MobileESS-1854]
  3. Login
                    – Now a dialog will prompt user to update at login page if there is a new version available.

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