ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 26/02/2024 is released

ESS version And CallService version

A. eLeave
1. Apply hourly leave not block on non-working days. [iFlexiHRMS-1900][EModule-1902]
     2. Apply leave only allow integer when 1 day and more. [iFlexiHRMS-1897][EModule-1904]
     3. Leave BFBalance error. [EModule-1906]
     4. Apply hourly leave failed although is working day. [EModule-1908]
     5. ELeaveApprove.aspx layout issue. [EModule-1911]
     6. After close period user still can request cancel leave. [EModule-1913][Issue ID:781]

B. Admin
    1. Route Setup – Export to Excel no function. [EModule-1910][Issue ID:781]

C. ePayslip
     1. ePAYSLIP Effective Release Date. [EModule-1915][Issue ID:774]
     2. EA/ EC Form 2023. [EModule-1933]

D. eAttendance
      1. Attendance – Clock Application Modify/Cancel. [EModule-1920]
2. Attendance – Attendance Record. [EModule-1921]
      3. Attendance Record – Supervisor cannot view subordinates attendance record. [EModule-1919]
      4. Attendance report cannot select subordinate. [EModule-1922]
      5. Remove hyperlink of link_path at e-Attendance top menu. [EModule-1928]
      6. Schedule Entry should not be showing all department. [EModule-1931]

E. eClaims (Welfare)
      1. eClaims – Error messages during approve. [EModule-1935]
      2. Welfare code cannot be changed after select. [EModule-1938][Issue ID:793]

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