ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 01/04/2024 is released


ESS version And CallService version

A. eLeave
. Leave Maintenance – Error show ‘Conversation from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘String’ is not valid’. [EModule-1959]
    2. Leave Route Calendar Issue. [EModule-1966][Issue ID:815]

B. Admin
    1. New User Group – Access Page Permission to Supervisor. [EModule-1954][IssueID:804]

C. eClaims (Welfare)
    1. User Claims Report (Welfare) Enhancement. [EModule-1955]
    2. Claim Amount differ from Amount Approve. [EModule-1960][Issue ID:812]

D. eAttendance
     1. Schedule Entry – Automatically close the pop up window when apply schedule successfully. [EModule-1942]
     2. Shift code which filter by department need to display at shift code listing. [EModule-1943]
     3. Change insert and update success message sentences. [EModule-1946]
     4. Filter Shift Code by Department Enhancement. [EModule-1951]
          – Refer this URL for user guide
     5. Add reason field into eAttn clock data report. [EModule-1961][Issue ID:808]
     6. Fix Import Schedule Select All Issue. [EModule-1963][Issue ID:811]
     7. Add NEW report from iFlexiHRMS- Individual Monthly Attendance. [EModule-1964]
     8. EAttendance Supervisor on Behalf [EModule-1967][IssueID:818]


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