ESS Release Notes

ESS for version on 30/04/2024 is released


ESS version And CallService version

A. eLeave
. Submit leave application failed. [EModule-1969]
    2. Bug fixed in Leave Route Calendar. [EModule-1970]
    3. Wrong Plan Leave show in Route Calendar. [EModule-1980][Issue ID:825]
    4. Leave Document Rules Description Enhancement. [EModule-1981][Issue ID:826]
    5. Leave Calendar Enhancement. [EModule-1983]
    6. Prompt error “Server Error in ‘/eStaff’ Application” when approver click on “Leave Balance” in leave details page. [EModule-1987]

B. eClaims(Welfare)
    1. Approved claim form issue. [EModule-1971][Issue ID:823]
    2. Remove default Date From and Date To when approver go to welfare approve page. [EModule-1972]
    3. Add NEW API.
    4. Cancel pending claims, move record to eBenefitTranCancel (Welfare). [EModule-1973]
    5. Approve Claims (Welfare) – Combine Balance Become Negative. [EModule-1984]

C. eAttendance
    1. Report Design Enhancement. [EModule-1976][Issue ID:819]
    2. Schedule Route Calendar. [EModule-1977][Issue ID:820]
    3. Enhancement on eAttn Attendance Record. [EModule-1990][Issue ID:832]
    4. Bug fixed in Individual Monthly Attendance no record. 

D. eOTPlan
     1. e-OT Approval Page – OT Hours More Than 2 Decimal Point. [EModule-1991]

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