ESS Release Notes

iFlexi HRMS product for version 16/07/2020

iFlexiHRMS-989 CP8D Report – Adjust layout and remove gap on 2nd page (Issue id : 129)
iFlexiHRMS-978 Daily Attendance Report Department Field Binding Issue (Issue id : 136)
iFlexiHRMS-976 Payroll transaction details (Manual) (Issue id : 133)
iFlexiHRMS-984 Employee Report – Year of Service List (YOS) — YOS recalculated based on reset on rehired method
iFlexiHRMS-973 Mis Function for Designer on Employee Benefit Report. (Manual, Tested)
iFlexiHRMS-971 Bank Authority Report (NO FF)
iFlexiHRMS-952 CP39 report not properly design when change parameters after preview report.(Issue id : 106)
iFlexiHRMS-950 Wrong PH figure in Payslip Format X.
iFlexiHRMS-953 Fixed issue for payslip with Bahasa Malaysian (Manual)
iFlexiHRMS-962 [Report Browser] Report generation failed (Issue id : 120)

iFlexiHRMS-969 Maybank – Missing Bank Code of Agro Bank
iFlexiHRMS-968 BNP PARIBAS New Format (Bank)
iFlexiHRMS-957 OCBC InterbankGiro SOCSO & EIS Format – Employee Socso No.

iFlexiHRMS-980 Enhancement User Experience on EmployeeMaster for EIS,SOCSO & EPF to delete table when disable Contribution.

iFlexiHRMS-975 YOS calculation not accurate (Miscfunction and stored procedure) 

iFlexiHRMS-979 EmpNo label binded to column (Issue id :138)
iFlexiHRMS-905 Create bonus template issue when choose Drive root directory (Issued id:58)
iFlexiHRMS-985 Disable pooling on AutoControl to avoid overwhelm SQL Connection. (Manual)
iFlexiHRMS-974 Reverse Email Payslip Sender back to “iFlexiHRMS” (Manual)

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