ESS Release Notes

iFlexi HRMS product for version auto update 15/12/2022


iFlexiHRMS-1189 – Payroll Transction CutOff Issue with CutOff Day > MaxDay of the month (Revised)
iFlexiHRMS-1178 – Missing Tax Class when posting to posting with Batch Process randomly (Revised)
iFlexiHRMS-1197 – Filter Service History After Cut Off Date at Payroll Calculation
iFlexiHRMS-1451 – Restore Hourly Worker Basic Logic
iFlexiHRMS-1515 – Fixed issue for Daily Worker with Included Paid Leave as Day Work (Revised)
iFlexiHRMS-1526 – Adhoc logic for YTD BIK


iFlexiHRMS-1412 – Wrong Time Off Due to Multiple Break Schedule
iFlexiHRMS-1553 – Flexible Working Hour Uses Wrong OT Code
iFlexiHRMS-1013 – Clock interval check not working on REST, OFF, HOLIDAY (Revised)


iFlexiHRMS-1452 – Leave Pattern – “Hire Month is Full If Days <=” and “Round To Full month If Days >=” issue saved empty value
iFlexiHRMS-1432 – Leave Encashment – BFBalance Value Missing (Quick Entry Part


iFlexiHRMS-1522 – Holiday ABS – Monthly and Daily Worker
iFlexiHRMS-1512 – Payslip Date wrong for ALL cycle (Revised)
iFlexiHRMS-992 – Add Payment Date and amount on Payslip (Revised)
iFlexiHRMS-1551 – HRD Report – Zero Amount for status STOP must be hidden
iFlexiHRMS-1504 – Payroll Monthly Summary – Group By inconsistent
iFlexiHRMS-1472 – Transaction Summary Report – Payroll Summary By Code
iFlexiHRMS-1168 – Fixed Total for CP8D Column K
iFlexiHRMS-1417 – CP8D with Missing Column E


iFlexiHRMS-1484 – QDE Allowance Grid no function


iFlexiHRMS-1539 – Export SOCSO by specific cycle not function
iFlexiHRMS-1549 – Bank Export hide negative netpay
iFlexiHRMS-1479 – HSBCNet HUB MRI – HSBC Bank (EIS)
iFlexiHRMS-1540 – Export LHDN Audit – Payroll Register File Missing month APRIL data
iFlexiHRMS-1541 – RHB Reflex Smart Payroll New Format


iFlexiHRMS-1397 – Training Module Enhancements


iFlexiHRMS-1464 – eModule Update Notification
iFlexiHRMS-1493 – Change Company Function (Enhancement)

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